5 questions with Lena-Charlotte Schiweck, founder of Momunity

Sarah Mūggenburg 25.06.20

Dear Charlotte, you founded Momunity together with Julia Laßmann. You are both mothers yourselves and have launched a networking app for moms. We would like to know how this came to be, what the app does and who can use it.

5 questions with Lena-Charlotte Schiweck

1. How was the idea for Momunity born? Did you wish for such an app yourself?

The idea for Momunity actually came from my own desire to use a contemporary tool that brings me in contact with other moms in my surroundings, to share experiences and of course for support. I still remember exactly how I was lugging the stroller through the streets by myself yet again, when finally inspiration struck.

After the initial euphoria about my new life as a mom, the next challenges that came with it overcame me. My childless circle of friends continued to dance late into the night on the party-boat, while I slowly but surely sailed away into the sunset on my new little family-float. I was not at all melancholy and did not long for my old life back, but I did often feel lonely and socially isolated.

Of course, my interests and priorities also changed as a result of the new centerpiece of my life as a mom. I had a strong desire to go part of this new way together with other like-minded people, to exchange ideas and spontaneously meet up and spend some time together. Then I realized that it was not just me, but many mothers out there who shared this desire – all over the world. That was the start of Momunity.

2. What exactly can one do with the app and why do moms need their own app?

Momunity is a free networking app that allows moms to chat, network, socialize, meet up and make new friends with each other, all in their surrounding area. With Momunity, they can access the cumulative knowledge of an entire community, ask questions, and seek tips and advice.

On the one hand, the app enables cross-regional exchange, on the other hand, I can also customize my newsfeed individually to my own region so that, for example, I only receive contributions from moms in my immediate vicinity. On a map, I can even see which mommies live nearby – if they have turned themselves visible on the map. I can also see where my mom friends spend their afternoons, that way I can simply join them if I feel like it.

Mama-Kind-Treffen auf dem Spielplatz, Foto: Sylvie Gagelmann
Moms meeting on playground , Photo: Sylvie Gagelmann

In the past, a family lived under one roof, or at least in the same village, so that mothers could receive family support in everyday life. However, this construct hardly exists anymore today – especially in big cities; places many people only recently moved to. It is even more important that we mothers support each other. We are all in the same boat, we deal with the same topics, we do the same things every day, we face the same challenges and usually have a similar daily schedule. Why not just spend some time together and enjoy the “mothership experience”? And precisely because we are so similar in our role as mothers, we believe that we need our own network where we can be among ourselves, connect with like-minded people and support and exchange ideas with each other.

3. In which regions can the Momunity be used?

Momunity can be used throughout Germany. At the moment we are still at the beginning of things, so it may be the case that in some regions of Germany not as many users have gathered yet. But that will change soon.

Mit Momunity andere Mamas aus der Nachbarschaft kennenlernen, Foto: Sylvie Gagelmann
Meet other moms with Momunity, Photo: Sylvie Gagelmann

4. How do you combine building a business with your family life?

This is actually a very legitimate question that we also ask ourselves from time to time. For one thing, we have a very supportive environment. Our husbands/partners help us out a lot, and the kids enjoy a few extra hours with their grandparents or a nanny. On the other hand, it must be remembered that we built our business out of our own need and of course are extremely passionate and ambitious regarding the matter.

Momunity is like another baby which we are now responsible for, who also wants to be nurtured every day. The real challenge, however, is to do justice to both business AND family life. Personally, in my family life, I always try to be in the moment and not give too much space for my business-thoughts to roam. Sometimes, however, both sides get into a mental tug of war, then I simply have no breaks. You definitely have to create your space for peace and relaxation.

5. What are you planning for the future? Do you also want to offer something for pregnant women?

In the future, we want to provide our users with many more local services, offers and information that make family life easier for them. There are of course also many helpful features for moms-to-be.

Spend time with other moms, Photo: Momunity

However, pregnant women can already be part of Momunity and get to know other expectant mothers in their environment, exchange ideas with like-minded people and, above all, benefit from the concentrated knowledge and experience of the great women who are moms already. For the immediate future, we are planning the launch of our Android version, which is already eagerly awaited by many, and then we’ll continue step by step from there.

Julia Laßmann und Lena-Charlotte Schiweck, Gründerinnen von Momunity
Julia Laßmann and Lena-Charlotte Schiweck, Co founders of Momunity

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