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At Keleya, we want to make pregnancy an even greater experience for women and the people around them. We achieve this by providing women with easy, safe and personalised workouts and recipes. But we don’t just offer support in the physical aspects: Keleya also contains a huge selection of articles, insights and statistics, written by knowledgeable experts in the field. Working closely with midwives, gynecologists, and our valued customers, we are constantly improving our features in order to keep our app fresh, fun and up to speed. With the Keleya app you can personalise your workouts, recipes and articles, so that you receive content that actually matches how you feel in your pregnancy. Keleya adapts to you in order to be your ideal companion and coach throughout your pregnancy.

The experience within our team covers business improvement, management and administration, technical expertise in web and mobile application design and development, user experience testing coupled with creative design flair, social media engagement and, of course, expertise in the disciplines of yoga, midwifery, nutrition, and pregnancy in general. All of these skills ensure that we deliver the very best experience to you.

We are dedicated, passionate, and most importantly, we are committed to ensuring that your pregnancy is as healthy and safe as possible.

We deliver substance to an audience that’s highly engaged across a variety of devices and destinations, from original video and features, to podcasts and social storytelling. Our customers are women of all nationalities and colours, languages and religions. We respect them and love to learn about individual beliefs, practices and needs in relation to pregnancy and childbirth.

As an original next-generation pregnancy service provider, we’ve changed the way content and storytelling speaks to and represents women, always sparking the conversations that matter most to you. Delivering on that mission, we’ve created a multi-subject online magazine, a custom YouTube channel, and a 360 degree delivery of insights, information and advice across multiple channels.

We celebrate women, banish stereotypes, and focus on being reliable and approachable at all times — delivering excellence in pregnancy services.

Victoria Engelhardt
Co-Founder, CEO

Hi, I am Vici Engelhardt, co-founder of digital healthcare business, Keleya Digital Health-Solutions GmbH.

Having grown up in Karlsruhe, Southern Germany, I completed my studies at the prestigious University of Mannheim. Subsequently, I gained employment in two highly successful startup businesses, Rocket Internet and Epic. This helped me to gain vital experience and, coupled with two years spent with Boston Consulting Group GmbH, as a management consultant in the health sector, I used these previous roles, and knowledge I built, to co-found Keleya with Sarah Müggenburg.

Sarah Müggenburg
Co-Founder, Head of Content

The past 15 years I’ve been taking care of people’s wellbeing, especially families and women. As a yoga teacher and a mom of two my main focus was and is accompanying women on their way into motherhood and beyond. Having specialized in pre- and postnatal yoga, I worked with over 1000 pregnant women and moms- enjoying every single of their journeys, while giving individual tips as a pre- and postnatal coach. For me pregnancy and birth, as well as babies are a miracle and a big gift.

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Head of Engineering
Lead of Marketing & Growth
UI/UX Design
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Junior Marketing
Eine Schwangere Frau die Sportkleidung trägt und einen Apfel isst. Sie trägt ein rosafarbenes Top.