Optimal Birth Preparation – 14 Midwife Tips

Preparing for the birth of your baby is an important aspect of pregnancy and facing your fears is a crucial part of this journey.

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Preparing for the birth of your baby is an important aspect of pregnancy and facing your fears, no matter how vague they may be, is a crucial part of this preparation for life as a mom. Taking a moment to look back on your past is often helpful, to see whether you have certain perceptions or associations with birth, due to childhood experiences. Our thoughts about birth are shaped by family stories, by friends and by the media. Unfortunately, the idea of the upcoming birth is often paired with anxiety rather than with joy and self-confidence.

You should advance into the birth of your baby with confidence, because a birth is a safe and natural process for which our bodies are made. You can also confidently put yourself in the hands of midwives and doctors.

Your midwife is a very important contact person when it comes to birth preparations. She will help you with her experience so that together you find the right approach that suits you and your wishes.

Hebammen-Tipps die dich auf deine Geburt vorbereiten.
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14 Tips for optimal Birth Preparation:

1. Prepare properly for meetings with your midwife or doctor

Write the 5 most important questions about the birth of your baby on a piece of paper before the next appointment. Let’s be honest – how often has it happened, that in the short time span of such an appointment we end up forgetting our questions?

2. Do not mess with other birth stories

Avoid asking your family and friends about their birth experiences because they are very subjective in nature and seldom correspond to reality. Actually, it is surprising how rarely moms talk about the positive experiences of giving birth.

3. Choosing a birthplace

Look around with your partner. Consider recommendations of the midwife and your individual desire for safety, then find a birth preparation class, and the place where your baby should be born. It can be a clinic, a birthing center or even your own home, because you have the power to decide. If you’re unsure, the easiest way is to listen to your gut feeling when visiting a clinic or birthing center; focus on where you immediately felt most comfortable, because your gut-feeling and well-being are important aspects of giving birth. 

Whether you’re the type of person that’s focused on high medical safety standards, having people you trust surround you, or both, will affect your choice of a birthing venue. Avoid reading reviews from hospitals because they are very subjective, and scolding is much easier than taking the time to say thank you for the good care provided.

Get to know the place and take advantage of an admission-consultation of the maternity hospital or make appointments in the birthing center. Find out about the different ways to get there – taxi, ambulance, road diversions, alternative routes, traffic jams, and parking facilities.

4. What you can do about fears of giving birth

If you feel very anxious, then discuss these fears with your partner and in any case with your midwife. Your midwife can talk to you about them and can target these fears individually thanks to her experience. Hypnobirthing can also be a helpful preparation here.

5. Selecting the people present for the birth

Michel Odent, a famous French doctor who revolutionized obstetrics, once said that The length of a birth is proportional to the number of people present. Childbirth is mainly an intimate moment, which you certainly want to share only with people you are close to. Find out who might be able to offer good support next to your partner during childbirth.

6. The birth plan

A birth plan, which you create with your midwife, can help you keep track of your wishes for birth in advance. It also allows you to deal with the phases of birth and medical procedures during the time in the birthing room, giving you things to do or think about.

Create a birth plan with your midwife. Photo:

7. Find a mantra for the birth 

For some pregnant women a positive mantra helps, which they repeatedly say during labor contractions. As a midwife, I find the simple mantra „come, baby“ great and it has helped many women.

8. Arrange a code

Arrange a code with your partner. A code will, for example, give your partner a clue as to whether the way in which he or she is touching you or talking to you is appropriate in that moment. This saves you long explanations and you can concentrate on yourself.

9. Yoga as birth preparation

Regular prenatal yoga will specifically help to prepare your breathing technique for contractions. An intensive preparation for childbirth can help you feel more secure. Your body is perfectly prepared for labor by nature, but you can support it by doing sports that are pleasant for you. Ask for specific advice from your midwife regarding this topic. You can also find targeted exercises on 
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Yoga für eine gesunde Schwangerschaft
Breathing, your new companion. Photo: Sophia Lukasch

10. Compile a playlist

Good music can lift your spirits, give you new energy when you’re tired, or relax you when you’re strained. It also creates a familiar atmosphere

11. Sync your contacts

Exchange and connect important phone numbers with your partner so both of you have all necessary contacts available.

12. Pack your bags 

Prepare your luggage with time and calm, so you don’t forget anything. Pack your clinic bag about four weeks before your due date.

13. Prepare the paperwork

Inform yourself about the necessary official applications and have them already prepared.

14. Stock up on supplies

Stock up your food supplies at home. To make sure you have your favorite food available after giving birth and nobody has to go grocery shopping first, it’s a good idea to pre-cook food and have lots of vegetables and healthy snacks at home.

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