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In our app you will find a number of healthy and tasty recipes. Together with nutrition experts we have selected these recipes. Our app tells you exactly how long you need for your chosen recipe, what ingredients and preparation steps you need to follow, and of course what nutrients it contains. Learn more about our recipes. Stay motivated with our safe pregnancy workouts. You can also keep track of your progress and win badges!


We work together with experienced midwives, with whom we constantly produce new videos for our app. Our expert videos cover the most important topics and questions about pregnancy. With our Pregnancy App you get the most important answers to your questions from both a health and a medical point of view. We are the optimal consultant for your pregnancy. Learn more about our Health Tutorials in our Pregnancy App. more


Our pregnancy app has been created with you in mind. When we created the business, it was with the knowledge that there was a gap in the market for an app which encompassed real needs. These included safe pregnancy workouts, delivered in video and in short bursts, to coincide with either your busy schedule. Additionally, we wanted to provide expert information covering symptoms tracking, articles about feelings and emotions, delivered automatically to you via email, and based upon your pregnancy week. Finally, a range of healthy, nutritious, cheap and quick recipes. The added advantage is that you can choose your dietary likes and dislikes, and we will show you only the recipes which match. More This is really is the go-to pregnancy app, and we are building upon it and improving it all the time, with your help and feedback of course. We hope that you enjoy the app, and we would love to hear from you to tell us how to improve it, or to share your experiences of it. If you are a registered member, please take time to rate us in the app store, and also to add a review for the app in Google. We'd really appreciate it. Close



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