Getting Started

What is Keleya?

Keleya is a female-led Berlin-based start-up that deals with all topics related to pregnancy & motherhood.

Our focus is the well-being of (expectant) mothers. Everything we do is focused on supporting mothers during and after pregnancy, supporting them physically and mentally.

At Keleya, we offer you verified, high-quality information and expert knowledge in the form of a pregnancy app that accompanies you daily and other additional desktop courses that can be added as needed.

Our product range is continuously expanding and supplemented with love to guarantee the best possible support during pregnancy, the postpartum period and the beginning of motherhood.

The Keleya Pregnancy App

Keleya pregnancy is the app for your pregnancy.

Click here to get the app on Play or AppStore:

The Keleya Desktop Courses

For an overview of our desktop course offerings, click here.

Or click through the different course pages with detailed info on our website.

What can Keleya do for me?

Keleya provides the largest selection of pregnancy workouts, yoga and expert knowledge. Perfectly tailored to you and your pregnancy.

What we offer you in our pregnancy app:

  • High-quality expert info & tips written by midwives for every gestational week, which are always at a minimum double-checked and adhere to current studies.
  • Follow your baby’s development every week Participate in live sessions with experts.
  • Get motivational workouts for each week – from yoga to fitness to pilates
  • Costs are covered by over 25 health insurance plans
What are the limitations of Keleya's care?

To use the Keleya app or online classes, you should be in good general health. If you have any pre-existing conditions, you should see a doctor and discuss use before using Keleya. Keleya is expressly not suitable for women with high-risk pregnancies.